Getting ready for a summer camp is not an easy task. You need to prepare in advance so that your luggage contains all the necessary items, but not too many, as it’s easy to overpack.

The things to take to a summer camp vary according to the length and location of your trip. Still, there are several items you should make sure you have with you, regardless of the variable factors.

Here’s what to pack for summer camp and a few tips on how to pack for your camping trip in order to make sure that you have everything you need and in proper conditions.

What to Pack for Summer Camp: Guidelines

First of all, get in touch with the staff at the summer camp you will be attending. They will be able to tell you the “must have” things to take to summer camp, and will inform you about the camp rules. For instance, you should find out what you’re allowed to bring to camp and what is forbidden.

Backpack For Summer Camp

You should also take into account the location of the summer camp and the living conditions provided. Is it at the mountain side, at the seaside, by a lake? Will you have access to Internet (Wi-fi)? Will you be able to use your smartphone on the spot (will you have good signal reception or on not)?

What to Pack for Summer Camp List

A list of what to pack for summer camp may vary considerably. But for a typical summer camp, these could be some of the “must haves”:

Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lip balm, shaving cream, razors)




Sleeping bag or bed sheets

Bug repellent


Books, magazines

Small games (cards, board games)


Camera and batteries

Garbage bags (for garbage, toiletries)


Having Fun In Summer Camp

Clothes to Pack for Summer Camp

When it comes to pieces of clothing and related accessories, here’s what your summer camp luggage should include:

T-shirts (their number should be equal to the days spent on summer camp, plus 1 or 2)


Long sleeve shirts



Rain gear







Dresses, skirts (if appropriate)


Flip flops





Sweat pants

Laundry bags

Remember to wash all of your summer camp clothing before leaving (at least one day in advance). What is more, don’t shy away from lists. Make sure every item of your choice (or needed) is on a “Things to take to summer camp” list. Cross items from this list as you pack them.

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