Celebs have the chance to visit the most fascinating spots from the planet. However, there are a few important places they just can’t get enough of.

These top celebrity travel destinations are presented below in order to offer everyone the chance to learn more about the most entertaining and blissful countries and islands from the world. If you’re ready to follow your movie or music idol, plan your next trip to these high-street and popular party locations.

Hawaii Beach

Hawaii Islands

If you’re lusting after Eden, you can get it if you decide to visit the islands of Hawaii. Celebs are eager to pamper themselves with a relaxing getaway to these super-popular locations. The Travoltas, Keanu Reeves along with Megan Fox and her cute hubbie Brian Austin Green are only some of the most often spotted stars here. If you wish to follow their footsteps, make sure you think of the perfect accommodation and traveling conditions beforehand.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico is the general buzzword when it comes to celeb getaways. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect spot to have fun and relax on the beach. Jennifer Aniston is probably one of the most loyal fans of this place. However, you can see Courtney Cox and her family who often spend their weekend in this uber-popular location.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, USA

The city with a notorious reputation for its gaming palaces and gambling offers the best refuge for many of our fave stars. Lauren Conrad, Holly Madison together with Paris Hilton, Usher and poker fan Leonardo Di Caprio. They party and spend generous sums for their personal entertainment. If you’re charmed by the mesmerizing vibe of this iconic location, make sure you include Las Vegas among your fave destinations.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

The greatest parties of the summer are held in Mallorca, Spain. If you wish to turn into a real party animal or, on the contrary, you’re craving for a blissful and relaxing spot on the planet, check out the fave travel destination of Hollywood stars as Bruce Willis, Simon Cowell, the Beckhams along with Antonio Banderas. Party all night long with your movie idols in Mallorca.


London, UK

It seems that sunny resorts are not the only popular destinations when it comes to celeb holidays. Pop socialites are also keen to shop and visit London. In spite of the rainy weather, you’ll be able to see stars as Sienna Miller, Emma Watson, Jude Law and Keira Knightley hitting the streets with their glam trench coat and stylish weather-appropriate outfits. Take a trip to this beloved capital and don’t forget to see the top attractions of the location by taking a tour with a double-decker bus.

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