Balancing your budget as a college student is easier than you think with our tips on how to save money during college, without depriving yourself of the things you need.

1. Buy Textbooks From Second-Hand Bookstores 

Want to know how to save money in college? New textbooks can be very expensive, so try buying your reading materials from second-hand bookstores. Look online for used versions of the books or check to see if any of your friends have them.2. 

2. Seek Alternative Transportation

Wondering how to save money in college? Driving to school will take its toll on your budget, so look for public transportation alternatives. If there is a bus system run by the university, your student ID should entitle you to free rides. If no such system exists, you can try carpooling with friends or, if the school is close enough, walk or bike there. 

Using Bike To Save Money

3. Find the Right Meal Plan

Still pondering how to save money in college? Working out a cost-effective meal plan can help. Do a bit of research, consult with campus veterans and assess your meal plan alternatives. Even without a meal plan, there are ways to eat healthy on your own budget, from getting coupons to planning meals with friends and roommates.

4. Keep Track of Your Expenses

A self-obvious answer to the question “How to save money in college?” is “Spend less!”. Get organized, save receipts of everything you buy – from small items to more substantial goods – and add it all up at the end of the month to spot unnecessary spending patterns and keep them in check.

5. Find Creative Leisure Time Activities

Not sure how to save money as a college kid while fully enjoying campus life? Check out for on-campus cafes, art centers or movie theaters that offer student discounts. Choose creative ways of unwinding, like having a picnic in the park or cooking dinner for a date rather than going out to some expensive restaurant.

Working In The Library

6. Get a Job

Wondering how to save money in college? You could start earning a bit of money on the side by getting a part-time job, waiting tables, delivering food or working at the library (which would allow you to make money while getting some studying done).

7. Find The Right Cell Phone Plan

Running out of ideas on how to save money in college? Choosing an affordable cell phone will pay off. You could join a family cell phone plan with your parents or work out a cost-effective individual plan. To keep expenses in check, use text messaging sparingly.

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