If you’re still undecided about where to spend your summer vacation, let the stars guide you in the right direction. Discover your summer vacation horoscope and decide if the destinations linked your zodiac sign suit you personally.

Choosing your destination based on your horoscope sign is easy with these simple guidelines that are designed to match your personality.


Since you probably love the outdoors, choosing a holiday destination should be easy enough. Adventures in South-East Asia or African safaris might be a great idea for you, but if you’d like to keep it local, focus on a resort that offers plenty of activities that will keep you active and happy.


The summer vacation horoscope for Taurus is just as simple. Since this zodiac sign loves comfort, but also experiencing new things, going on a trip that delights all the senses is probably the best idea. Plan a holiday based around tasting new foods or simply spoiling yourself. A health resort that also offer exquisite cuisine could be the right choice for you.

Best Vacation For Your Horoscope


A tour of a historic area is a great  choice, but an even cooler destination based on your zodiac sign consists of music festivals. Since you want more out of travel than anyone, you should also choose a destination with great night life and plenty of other options for spending your holiday.


Holidays close to the water are ideal for people born under this sign, according to the summer vacation horoscope. That can mean anything from a beach to a city close to water, from New York to Venice. Paris could also be an inspired choice, if you’d like to indulge your romantic side.


A glamorous destination is a must for Leos, whether it’s Miami or Las Vegas. If you’re not really into night life that much, your ideal vacation could be an eco-tour or an adventure park. Don’t limit your options and choose a holiday destination where you’ll have both for maximum fun.

Summer Holiday Destination Horoscope


Planning their holiday in detail is a must for most Virgos, but the summer vacation horoscope also advises you to pick a destination that will keep you busy. Whether it’s a trip to an exotic location or simply a day at the country fair, make sure that you try new things that will make your vacation more exciting.


If you’re choosing your destination based on your zodiac sign, Libras need to be around people. A deserted beach won’t be as romantic to them as a big city with lots of culture, art and shopping. From London to Rome, a European destination is probably the right choice to spend your best vacation.


If you want to leave everything behind on your holiday, the summer vacation horoscope advises you to search out the exotic. Less traveled roads are always more attractive for Scorpios, so destinations like Pacific Islands or Northern Africa (Morocco or Egypt) could prove to be the best idea for a great holiday.

Exotic Vacation Horoscope


From camping in a really remote location to visiting countries halfway around the world, if you were born under the sign of the archer, your holiday zodiac offers limitless potential. Explore the great outdoors with a few friends or go explore a new city on your own.


Mountain resorts are among the best ideas in the summer vacation horoscope for Capricorns. If they’re also in an area where you can learn new things or visit archaeological ruins, that’s even better. You might also go for one of your childhood holiday destinations, to revisit your precious memories.


Hoping for a unique experience, you’ll probably want to avoid guided tours in big groups and popular tourist destinations. Going far out of your comfort zone, whether it’s a trip to South America or to Japan might make for an unforgettable vacation.


A secluded beach is the right way to go for Pisces, according to the summer vacation horoscope. You don’t want noisy destinations, but prefer to bond with nature and relax far away from your usual worries. If you can’t afford a VIP villa on an island, go for a resort in the off-season for a more relaxing holiday.

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