There are many trends for how wedding cakes should look this year, from metallic accents to colorful interiors, but in the end the most important thing about the right cake is its delicious taste. Discover the trendy wedding cake flavors you should try before making your final choice.

When you’re planning your dream wedding, make sure you abide by the biggest wedding cake trend this year: choosing seasonal flavors. If you’re looking forward to your summer wedding, go for a lighter flavor and pick season fruit, while rich chocolate cakes are better suited to colder months. See which wedding cake flavors are trending right now and decide which is closest to the perfect cake for you.

Lemon Cake

Lemon Flavor Wedding Cake


If you’re looking for the perfect summer flavor, lemon is the the top choice this year for many wedding planners and brides. You can either go for a classic lemon pound cake with lemon filling and a sweet frosting like fondant or buttercream. Mix in some berries for another fresh summer staple. Other lemon-based trendy wedding cake flavors include lemon-thyme and lemon-lavender.

Coconut Red Velvet Cake

Coconut Red Velvet Wedding Cakesource

Velvet cake is a great choice if you want to add texture and color to your wedding cake, ticking off two important trends this season. Keep your cake white on the outside with either a creamy frosting or even coconut flakes for added texture.

Champagne Strawberry Cake

Champagne Strawberry Wedding Cakesource

If pink is your color of choice for most of the wedding decorations, the perfect cake to go with your theme is one that has includes both fresh strawberries and a pink sponge. Trendy wedding cake flavors for a pink extravaganza include the pairing of a vanilla bean cake with champagne ganache, decorated with delicious and season strawberries.

Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Cake

Banana Walnut Chocolate Wedding Cakesource

When you’re certain your cake can’t lack chocolate even if your wedding is scheduled in the middle of the summer, you can easily balance out a chocolate buttercream or ganache with a lemon cake. Another excellent combination includes a banana hazelnut cake with chocolate fondant frosting.

Chocolate Mint Cake

Chocolate Mint Wedding Cakesource

Another great way to make chocolate lighter is adding mint to it. Whether you’re going for a crème de menthe chocolate mousse or a heavier dark chocolate sponge, add some seasonal fruit to it if you’re looking for one of the best trendy wedding cake flavors. From a sour cherry cream to passion fruit curd, go with your instinct to find the right flavor combination.

Fruity Spice Cake

An excellent way to mix fruit and spices in your perfect wedding cake is going for the traditional spice cake, and adding extra delicious flavors to it. Go for an apple butter filling and a cinnamon buttercream frosting or choose a mocha spice cake with a touch of fresh summer fruit.

Chocolate Rosewater Cake

Chocolate Rosewater Wedding Cakesource

When it comes to trendy wedding cake flavors, mixing chocolate with light aromas is key to getting the right mix. Pairing a chocolate sponge with rosewater buttercream leads to a delicious combination and it also leaves you plenty of options for the frosting. You can go with either dark chocolate fondant or marzipan.

Vanilla Berry Cake

Vanilla Berry Wedding Cakesource

Going for a classic vanilla bean sponge becomes trendy if you mix is with summer berries. Make sure you decorate the cake with fresh fruit, but you don’t have to also use it on the inside. Great filling that go well with vanilla bean include strawberry buttercream or raspberry jam. Opt for a fondant frosting for a delicious and beautiful cake.

Raspberry Cake

Raspberry Wedding Cakesource

One of the most trendy wedding cake flavors is raspberry this year and you don’t just have to settle for fresh fruit or jam. Black raspberry cream filling can be delicious either on a raspberry pound cake or on spice cake. Pair it with a cream cheese or fondant frosting.

Orange Preserve Cake

If you like the idea of a citrus flavored cake, but lemon is a bit too tart for your taste, the second best option is orange. Unlike a traditional whipped filling, an orange preserve gives extra texture and taste for a trendy spin. You can pair it with a light chocolate cake or go for a buttercream or chocolate ganache frosting.

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