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200 gr dark chocolate

8 egg whites

5 egg yolks

45 gr unsalted butter

120 gr caster sugar

First break the chocolate into smaller pieces and place into a medium bowl. Hold the bowl over a pan filled with boiling water. Then add the milk and mix the two ingredients carefully.

Finally, to complete the first phase you can whisk in the egg yolk as you removed the bowl from the top of the pan. Put the mixture aside until you prepare the other elements.

Grab another bowl and whisk the egg whites adding the sugar gradually. Do this until the egg whites become fluffy and not too stiff. If you wish to ease your task, you can also use a mixer on medium speed.

After the mixture is ready, add the egg yolks to it. Start with half of the whole amount of egg yolks and continue to stir until you get a uniform texture. Pour the mousse into serving bowls for a few hours. Serve it with any delicious fruits or some pieces of white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

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