Vintage style has become one of the hottest trends both in fashion and interior design. There is something about this special style that makes it so lovable and alluring. Whether it’s the old, unique touch of the furniture, those retro accessories revived and touched by an edgy flair, or the incredible, ancient look of the patterned wallpapers, vintage means modern aspect with a chic, bohemian vibe. How can you achieve this rather sentimental look? Here are some basic tips on how to successfully decorate in vintage style.

First of all, what does vintage style mean in interior design? Antique pieces that mostly refer to the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s that in time became priceless treasures. Vintage means a relaxed, comfy, simple, and slightly imperfect style that reaches perfection through the cosy, warm, and fresh atmosphere it creates. Still, since extremes are not the safest option, the best thing to do is to combine vintage with contemporary trends. For example, you can add some vintage accessories for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind impact. The genuine vintage look means soft, delicate pastels or patterned wallpapers. Don’t be afraid to go for florals, especially roses, or a paper with an art deco design on it.

Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas

Vintage decorating starts in an antique store, a garage sale or at the flea market. Here you can purchase furniture and different accessories that will help you create your dreamy vintage home. You can also take a look on eBay for reasonable deals and prices as it is well known the fact that real vintage pieces can shatter your budget. When it comes to vintage furniture, a corner cabinet is one of the essential pieces one should buy. Or, even better, use the sofa you inherited from your grandmother and try to integrate it into a modern decor. You can also give an ancient, distressed aspect to a piece of furniture by painting it and rubbing it with sandpaper or wire wool.

The best thing about vintage decorating is that you can take old pieces and use them in a very creative way. For example, a hatbox can be an ideal place to store your hair accessories or scarves, antique luggage pieces can become a simple, cute way to keep clothes or other items, while an old sewing machine can easily replace a desk or a stylish table. A great pick for a chic vintage design is a folding screen with gorgeous patterns.

Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas

Play with fabrics and patterns and mix patchwork, crochet, lace and embroidery for your pillow covers, curtains, tablecloths or for the slip-covers of your sofa and chairs. Choose flowers of all sizes and mix them with stripes and other patterns. Put your creativity to the test and start sewing and redesigning. You’ll see that even the most unexpected combinations will look beautiful. Remember that a well-chosen patterned blanket can add an instant vintage feeling to your modern sofa. Therefore, never underestimate the power of prints especially when we are talking about vintage decorating.

Accessories represent one of the simplest methods to transform your boring home design into an inviting vintage place. Vases, old pottery, tea cups, lamps, chandeliers, and even an antique book can totally make a difference. Use all your artistic skills and create real works of art with just a few postcards or letters. Also, with old books, buttons, felt and lace you can make a special collage that will add a glimmer of vintage to your room. For the kitchen, use vintage cabinets with glass knobs and old appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, blenders, or toasters, but also enamel pots, egg baskets, tea and coffee pots or butter dishes. As for the kitchen’s color, pale pink, turquoise, soft yellow and aqua will perfectly enhance your vintage decor.

Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas Vintage Decorating Ideas

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