In times of crisis, interior design trends seem to perfectly follow the idea of austerity through simple lines and colors. However, there can also be observed a certain dose of optimism through vibrant colors. We are invited to make a special journey in the past with vintage elements and shades that revive the idea of family and origins.

Simplicity will always be that timeless trend, so elegant and sophisticated. Going back to the roots with neutral colors is the ultimate choice for 2011. White, beige, gray or light brown are the shades that seem to scream balance, comfort, and a warm, inviting place. As for the fabrics used, glass and crystal, but also wool and cotton are perfect, while subtle hues of matte golden and metallic yellow will add a sophisticated flair to your interior accessories.

Interior Design Trends for 2011 Interior Design Trends for 2011

On the other hand, following the bright trend, we also have oh-so-’80s-inspired vibrant colors for interior decorating. For urban, disco-inspired decors, try bold shades of red, fuchsia, and purple that will undoubtedly bring optimism into your daily life. Sailcloth, synthetic leather, decorated floors and using tiles for decorative borders are some of the most on-trend elements. Besides, low stools, rotating lights, poufs, chandeliers and different pop details can perfectly complete the overall decor. If this is too much, you can still brighten up your space a little, adding a ’80s touch through pink curtains or a bold-colored piece of furniture. For the walls, choose between wallpaper and painting.

When saying boho decor we think of vintage furniture and an amazing combination of oriental elements and a slight touch of kitsch. You just have to put your imagination to the test and start playing. Go for the boho chic design choosing funky fabrics, thrift store furnishings, vintage tables and bookcases, old vases and lamps. Opt for shades of orange, turquoise, red, mustard yellow, gold, and brown.

Interior Design Trends for 2011 Interior Design Trends for 2011 Interior Design Trends for 2011

Neoclassical design is a wonderful trend that features calming colors such as cream, stone, gray, and pale blue. A place decorated in this specific style will definitely become the ultimate symbol of refinement and harmony. Within this trend there is a certain preference for elements from Greek and Roman antiquity. This design has a masculine flair and is characterized by floors made in light pine, stone, or marble, covered with Persian or floral woven carpets. Its main decor accessories are porcelain lamps, books bound in leather, bronze statues, and modern carpets.

This year is all about natural when it comes to materials. Sustainable woods will be used for furniture and flooring, able to bring a more sensual look to those severe geometrical shapes and minimalist designs. Since decor trends are dominated by a look in the past, we will see velvets and brocades coming in contrast with pastels and resulting in some special color and textural patterns.

Interior Design Trends for 2011 Interior Design Trends for 2011

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