A walk-in closet to pamper their beauty sense is on the top of the wishlist of all fashionistas. Offering proper handling to the most sophisticated fashion items and accessories is a duty of all those who love to keep their wardrobe versatile. The following fabulous closet design ideas will offer a series of the visions of pro interior designers on how to play with space and the visual effect of different shades.

Choose your fave design according to your personality and preferences for decorative elements. Feel free to draw some inspiration from the interior design ideas below and you can also come up with brand new alternatives on how to create a real comfort zone for yourself when eager to indulge yourself into a fashion reverie.

Closet Design Ideaby MylusciouslifeCloset Design Ideaby MylusciouslifeCloset Design Ideaby Mylusciouslife

There are several factors to consider before heading to the store for the most important decorative elements. In order to fulfill both the functional and aesthetic principle, it is a must to ask yourself a few questions. Whether you want only more space or would like to have fun in your walk-in closet, the point is to choose appropriate furniture and shelving. One of the most important elements of your closet should be a chair.

This will guarantee your comfort and offers you the chance to spend more time thinking about your next show-stopping outfit. Furthermore, think about the mirror which is often a central piece of the whole room. The ideal distance to see yourself properly in a mirror is three feet. In order to save some space, you can place it on the back of a door. Think vertical when it comes to your boudoir. Take advantage of the height of the room and use either high shelves or bins to store your wardrobe items.

Closet Design Ideaby MylusciouslifeCloset Design Ideaby MylusciouslifeCloset Design Ideaby Canadian House&HomeCloset Design Ideaby BridesCloset Design IdeaWeb CollectionCloset Design IdeaWeb Collection

It is also essential to secure the proper light conditions. In order to prevent your clothes from fading, keep them away from natural sunlight,while artificial light is perfect to help you in selecting your outfit elements with care. The trick you should keep in mind is that the light should be exactly between the closet and you and not behind you. This is one of the pro tricks to consider to spot the real shade of your dresses and accessories and spare yourself of a distorted image.

From thisoldhouse.com we know that it is also advisable to analyze your habits. If you wish to see everything lined up before selecting your favorite clothing items, opt for acrylic- or glass-fronted drawers or see-through wire bins. These are only some of the life-saving aids to use in your revitalized closet. Have fun by learning more and more about your style sense and talent for home decoration.