Without a central humidifier, the air in your home can get very dry in the colder months of the year. Air humidity should be anywhere between 30 and 50 percent, measured by a hygrometer, according to the Mayo Clinic, so if you don’t have a central one, you should really consider investing in an air humidifier.

Whether you choose a steam vaporizer or a more expensive ultrasonic one, there are many benefits to using a humidifier in your home. You definitely need one if you have trouble in dealing with static electricity, but there are lot more top reasons to get a humidifier.

1. Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Even if you use plenty of moisturizer before you go to bed, dry air in your bedroom can cause problems from your skin. Your lips and hands usually dry out first because of a very low humidity level, but dry air can have a negative impact on your complexion as well. If you’re struggling with dry, tight or itchy skin in the colder months, your bedroom could definitely use a humidifier.

2. Avoid Respiratory Infections

Dry air can actually increase the risk of developing respiratory infections, and that’s definitely one of the top reasons to get a humidifier. Without proper moisture in the air, the filtering function of your nose hairs decreases in efficiency. That means it’s easier for flu and cold causing viruses to get inside your body and cause trouble.

3. Heal Respiratory Troubles Faster

Whether you’re dealing with a cold, flu, or have more serious respiratory issues, like allergies and asthma, a humidifier can help you heal faster or make your symptoms more manageable. Some humidifiers can also purify the air, which is important if you’re struggling with allergies, but even regular ones have a beneficial effect in helping you get over respiratory issues.

4. Reduce the Risk of Nosebleeds

If you have trouble with nose bleeding, that’s one of the top reasons to get a humidifier. By keeping your nasal passages lubricated properly, you can reduce the frequency of nosebleeds. You should make sure that your entire home has the proper levels of humidity, but your bedroom should be your priority.

5. Care for Your Voice

Dry air can also mess with your vocal chords. Even if you don’t use your singing voice too often, the lack of humidity in your home can also cause issues when it comes to your speaking voice. Use an air humidifier in your bedroom.

6. Reduce Snoring

While having the proper humidity while you sleep won’t actually reduce the duration of snoring, it can certainly help decrease the intensity of the sound. One of the top reasons to get a humidifier is the fact that it prevents low moisture levels in your nose and mouth, which may contribute to quieter snoring.

7. Improving Sinusitis Troubles

When your sinuses aren’t functioning the way they should be, it could be down to the lack of moisture in the air. If you’ve been diagnosed with sinusitis or have issues with nasal and sinus congestion without any respiratory infection, then you should definitely pay attention to humidity levels.

8. Keeping Indoor Plants Healthy

Without the proper humidity, some indoor plants can suffer in the colder months of the year. If leaves start drying out despite you watering their roots regularly, that’s one of the top reasons to get a humidifier. Exotic plants like orchids need a lot of moisture, so a humidifier can help them stay healthy.

9. Feel Warmer

When humidity levels are low in your home during winter, you’ll also feel colder. That’s because dry air can actually feel cooler against your skin. Aim for humidity levels of just under 50% to take advantage of this simple trick and you might also be able to save money on heating.

10. Protect Your Furnishings

Very dry air can also have a negative impact on food furniture and floors. That’s one of the top reasons to get a humidifier, but you can also reduce the risk of wallpaper peeling if you keep the right levels of moisture in the air. Splitting and cracking wood can become a costly problem, but you can avoid that and extend the life of any wood floors and furniture by using a humidifier.