Every style has its own beauty and it is just a matter of personal taste when it comes to choosing the right interior design.

Home Interior Trends 2014

If you are one of those people that love the minimalist approach, you can choose the modern interior design. This is very popular nowadays and will also be next year. Since everything is kept to the basics, the minimalist design lacks clutter.

For those of you that love traditional interiors, you should not choose elaborate pieces of furniture. Instead, you should opt for an English, Gregorian or American country design. All these styles preserve the bohemian charm of the old world. In order to deliver the formal feeling of the Jacobean and Gregorian styles, you should go for brown shades.

Minimalist Home Decor IdeaMinimalist Home DecorHome Decor IdeaLiving Home Decor Idea

If you are more into the boho look, you can buy affordable pieces of furniture sold in flea markets in order to define the aspect of your rooms. Moreover, this is one of the home décor trends that offers you a colorful effect since it mainly uses orange, bright red, violet purple and yellow as statement colors.See also: Interior Color Trends 2013

Home Decor 2014Colorful Kitchen Home DecorMinimalist Kitchen Home Decor

Are you perhaps interested in giving your home a romantic makeover? Then, you should definitely go for a bohemian or shabby chic look. The latter is often characterized by the use of white shades.

Let’s not forget about our kitchens! 2014 is all about coziness and ease. The interior design trends move nowadays towards organic modernism, that is, they use natural materials that give a vintage vibe: textured surfaces, original flooring or concrete.

Among the most important home furniture trends, we can indicate James Mont’s pieces of furniture. They have a very chic and luxurious design that makes them very popular amongst interior designers. One of the designer’s most creative techniques, the alternation of patches of silver and gold leaves that creates a camouflage print effect, was probably influenced by the war.

Vintage Kitchen Design 2014Minimalist Kitchen Design 2014

Every man wants his own so called ‘cave’ where they just want to relax. This is the reason why contemporary homes have media rooms that are filled with all sorts of performing gadgets, wine rooms, etc.

Next year, it’s all about having glossy furniture so don’t be afraid of using polished surfaces when starting redecorating your home.

Other Interior Design Trends for 2014

Romantic Mediterranean Trend – this is a modern trend often used for creating a relaxing and comfortable style. It is also very elegant and creates a stress-free atmosphere. It combines natural fabrics with natural colors, earthy and pastel ones, that transpose you into a peaceful and pleasant place.

Living Home Decor Trend 2014Living Decor Trend 2014Interior Design 2014Living Area Trend 2014

Mediterranean trend shades: peach, lavender, salmon, orange, green, blue or beige.

Asian Trend – this is a very stylish, elegant and classy decorating trend. Some ideas that define this lovely home interior are the floral wallpaper patterns and bird images, dark wood furniture, paper lamp shades or silk tapestry.

Also, this trend is all about creating a Zen space that is simple and relaxing. You can create this great ambiance by buying paper lanterns, which are great inexpensive items that will make your home look lovely.

Multifunctional Interior Design – apartments and small homes call for multifunctional modern interiors. People want to decorate their rooms so that they’ll still be functional yet attractive. This type of interior design brings a lot of innovative solutions for your small living space such as the open spaces that include the living, dining and kitchen areas.Kitchen Design 2014Interior Design 2014Sophisticated Living Design 2014Sophisticated Living Interior Design 2014

If you want to go for this type of trend, you should start choosing build-in room furniture and arrange it according to the functional zones of your home. Thus, you will create areas that are visually separated.

Computer Generated Trend

Recently, the runways have been filled with computer-generated prints and fabrics. Interior designers say that this trend will shift also towards interior design and soon enough we will have these prints on our bedroom and living room walls.Bedroom Decor 2014Bedroom Interior Design 2014Living Decor Idea 2014Living Decor IdeaLiving Decor 2014Living Decor Style 2014

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Photos: Christina Ray, Chive Inc