Whether you want to browse through the best Halloween costume ideas or need a bit of inspiration in choosing creative Halloween decorations, Pinterest is the best place to turn to. 

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Best Halloween Craft Boards

Jean Van’t Hul’s Halloween Craft Ideas

This is a great board if you want to get truly creative with Halloween decorations, costumes and treats. It offers over 200 original DIY ideas and tutorials, from “How to make papier mache pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns” to “Papier-mache cats to hold Halloween candy”.

Halloween Board The Artful Parent

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Kiwi Crate’s Halloween board

One of the best Halloween Pinterest boards, this also features a lot of creative ideas for Halloween crafts, costumes and games, from “DIY Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liners” to “How to Make an Easy No Sew Tutu”.

Kiwi Crate Halloween Board

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Amanda Morgan’s Fall Celebrations

OK, technically not exclusively a Halloween board, but a great place to turn to if you’re looking for mouthwatering Halloween treats (be sure to check the Mashed potato ghosts and sweet potato pumpkins!) and original DIY decoration and costume ideas.

Amanda Morgan Halloween Board

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Best Halloween Costume Boards on Pinterest

Kate De Rosas-Magbalon’s DIY Halloween Costumes

Who says Moms shouldn’t have a bit of fun on Halloween? Kate’s Pinterest board allows you to do just that, offering you a great selection of easy DIY costumes to choose from, ranging from a chic vintage Audrey Hepburn/ Breakfast at Tiffany’s look to an edgy Biker Chick costume.

Halloween Costume Pinterest Board

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costumeworks’ Creative Halloween Costumes

One of the best Halloween Pinterest boards to turn to for inspiration, costumeworks’ board showcases the most original DIY Halloween costume ideas from participants in their online contest. You’ll find great costume ideas for just about all age groups. Our personal favorites: the DIY Weeping Angel Costume and the Mad Hatter.

Costume Works Halloween Board

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Shon Ross’s Halloween Costumes

Yet another great go-to Halloween Pinterest board, Shon Ross’s board offers you a generous assortment of creative DIY Halloween costume ideas for toddlers, teens, parents and pets.

Halloween Costumes Pinterest Board

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