Supermodel Naomi Campbell is definitely pampered by her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, as she was reportedly offered a luxury pad built on an island, a pad shaped like no other, in the shape of Eye of Horus. Find out more details next!

Being a supermodel definitely pays off as Naomi Campbell proves. She was offered a luxury home by her billionaire boyfriend, and not just your average luxury home, but one built in the shape of the Eye of Horus on the island Sedir off Turkey, an island allegedly created by Mark Anthony for queen Cleopatra.

Naomi's boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, reportedly offered to build her the luxury pad as a birthday present, for the diva's 41st birthday.

The amazing crib was designed by Luis de Garrido, and it is perfectly shaped as the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The pupil of the Eye, a dome (which is still just a project) will feature a vast living place spread over 3 stories, the top store featuring an amazing indoor garden. The glass dome will provide a natural greenhouse effect that will create a natural heating in addition to the well dug under the house that will use geothermic heat without any additional costs. The house cools at night due to high thermal inertia, so this house won't just be amazing and unique, but economical and ecofriendly as well.

According to DailyMail, the dome house will also include 5 reception rooms, 25 bedrooms and room for her beau's yachts. The dome, which will look like an eye's pupil, will be surrounded by solar panels which will create the effect of an eyeliner, underlining the sophisticated Eye of Horus inspired design.

However, the story still holds a little bit of a twist, as it's been reported that Vladimir is still married to his wife of 18 years Ekaterina, with whom he has a daughter. Vladimir is rumored to be planning to divorce, so things aren't as 'pink' for supermodel Naomi. Still, with a beau that's not shy to spend big bucks on his lady, what woman wouldn't be happy?!

Naomi Campbell Offered Luxury Home by Billionaire Boyfriend

Naomi Campbell Offered Luxury Home by Billionaire Boyfriend

Naomi Campbell Offered Luxury Home by Billionaire Boyfriend

Photo credit: Getty Images, DailyMail