There’s always been a curiosity surrounding the private lives of celebrities and how they live and the best chance to take a glimpse ‘behind closed curtains’ is whenever they choose to put their cribs on the market. One of the celebs that has just listed his home is fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as the fashion genius has listed his New York apartment for a whopping $5.2 million.

The price however isn’t the shocker here, but the interior design chosen for the exquisite home as opposed to his choice of sophisticated designs, Mr. Lagerfeld chose a very simple, minimal décor, one which probably offered him a sense of peace and serenity, just enough balance to keep the ideas regarding his fashion creations flowing.

The lovely apartment features soft lines, minimal furniture and peaceful colored walls with white being the predominant color option throughout the 3 bedroom apartment. The bathroom and the hardwood brown colored floors are the only ones that stray away from the color palette, the master bathroom featuring very light colored aqua-green tiles on the wall with beige travertine surrounding a classic style tub to relax in.

With a stunning view of Gremercy Park, the $5.2 million condo is difficult to resist, so if you’ve got a few mill just laying around, you can make this apartment your pride and joy. For this sum you’ll get a large chef’s kitchen complete with cherry wood cabinets, stainless steel countertops and high-quality appliances, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet, office area, large master bathroom, a large living area, a third bedroom featuring its own bathroom, a powder room and a lovely view provided by floor-to-ceiling windows featuring electric window shades.

Apparently, this is not all that comes along with living the high-life as residents can also enjoy a private access to Gramercy Park as well as several services provided by Gramercy Park Hotel such as valet, butler service, housekeeping, catering, room service, fitness center, spa and more!

Photos courtesy of Elliman Real Estate