If you have $150 Million just laying around and don’t know what to do with them, we’ve got a tip for you: buy Candy Speling’s multi-million dollar home in Encino, Los Angeles, California. The huge estate (57,000 square feet) is absolutely insane, featuring everything you could hope to get from a home and much more.

The supersized estate was built by late producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy Spelling back in 1991 although the land was purchased back in the ’80s. It must be super fun to live in such a place as they’ve kept it so far, but since Candy is now living there by herself, she decided to put it out for sale.

The Manor

Spelling Mansion Spelling Mansion

Candy Spelling Mansion

Known as “The Manor” the French-style mega mansion is well maintained and gated featuring some cool and luxurious details such as a front court entrance with an imposing artesian fountain in the center of the entrance court, covered parking for multiple cars, swimming pool, tennis court, pathways that circle the home and lead to gorgeous gardens which promote relaxation. Apparently, it took Candy 4 years to design the mansion and it’s no surprise as it is just immense.

The interior dazzles from first glimpse as the Manor features elegant dual staircases, a doll museum room, a beauty parlor and barber shop, a bowling alley in the basement, a gift wrapping room (they must have been constantly giving away presents), a home gym, a wine cellar, a China room, a gorgeous office, a screening room which features an incredible supersized screen which rises from the floor, and many more as the house features 100+ rooms.

There are few words to describe the house, but elegant and lavishing would be two words that pop into the mind at first glimpse. However, selling such a huge home is no easy business, as there aren’t too many people who just happen to have that kind of sum. This is definitely a house one could only dream of, but we’re just curious if it will sell.

Update! The property was sold to Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter, 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone for a mere $85 million.

Photo credit: People.com