Let’s take it step by step. Each trimester has its own particularities which easily translate into visible signs. For example, in the first trimester, you’ll feel your breast sore and painful.

They will increase in their size. This is the time when your glands are triggered to start their job.

For some women, some symptoms occur earlier than for others. Take as example the colostrum, a yellowish leakage from the areola.

This might happen in the second trimester for some women, while for others, this occurs just after giving birth. This is the first food for your baby, extremely rich in antibodies that will help protect and strengthen your baby’s immune system.

At a certain time of your life, milk start flowing, your baby is born and your body is fully prepared for breastfeeding.

Don’t worry, breasts were made for the sole purpose of feeding our children, they will likely do their job. So have no fear and enjoy breastfeeding and connecting to your child, all these are truly blessed moments of your life that will certainly feel so natural as soon as you start playing your role.