It comes a time during pregnancy when you have to think about how you would want to give birth, what are your options for childbirth.

Most women are afraid of giving birth naturally while others are not and would even consider home birth. You need to plan your delivery ahead so think about your options.

Depending on your preference here are your options for childbirth:

Home birth is an option for women who prefer to give birth in the comfort of their own home instead of a hospital. The birth needs to be done with the help of an experienced and well trained birth assistant (nurse or midwife). Home birth can be an option only for women who have a low risk of birth complications.

If you choose to give birth at home you need to be aware that there are risks involved. If something does go wrong there is a better chance that it will get resolved in the hospital because of the staff and equipment available there. Make sure you are near a hospital in case of an emergency.

Normal, vaginal delivery at a hospital is the most popular way among women who give birth. The doctor or midwife will perform an enema before labor and pain killers will be administrated if requested. Most women prefer to get an epidural so the labor process won’t be as painful. The doctor will make sure everything is going well and will perform an episiotomy under local anesthetic, and either vacuum or forceps extraction if necessary.

Cesarean section is a surgical procedure in which the doctor delivers the baby through an incision or cut made in the abdomen. This procedure is usually done if the doctor thinks you are risking your health or the baby’s health through natural vaginal labor. Emergency cesarean can be done in case any complications occur while giving natural birth.

Water birth is one of the newest childbirth options. The mother to be will sit in a water tub where she will give birth. Many women choose this option because they say that is is more comfortable than the other options they had. Water reduces the pressure on the abdomen and supports the weight. It relieves a little bit of the pain and promotes contractions and relaxation.

Choose whatever option you think might make it easier for you. The most important thing is your baby’s health and it will all be worth it when you get to hold him/her in your arms.