How can I tell if I’m really in labor? More and more women are afraid that they won’t know that the real thing is really happening. But your doctor should explain to you which are the labor symptoms: persistent lower back or abdominal pain, painful contractions that occur at regular and increasingly shorter intervals and become longer and stronger in intensity and of course, broken waters. It should be enough to help making the difference between the real thing and a simple imitation.

The pain I’m sure that you have heard lots and lots of stories about how exactly painful giving birth is. Instead of worrying sick and not doing something about it, get to the facts.

This means – read as much as you can about giving birth, sign up for childbirth classes and talk to your doctor or midwife about your various pain relief options. And remember, you can do it, millions and millions of women have done it since forever.

The worst is yet to come Many women now start thinking about what’s next. What if their husbands won’t find them as attractive as before? What if you lose control during labor? What if there’s a complication? And what about perineal shaves and enemas? Well, you need to start being more confident about yourself.

Recent medicine and technology is as accurate as it can be, and you won’t be alone while giving birth. And your life partner, after a short period of adjustment, will be more and more fascinated by the new you. Before getting to all this, I hope you’ll have the easiest labor ever!