Lamaze childbirth method is an alternative childbirth technique that involves breathing and relaxation exercises to reduce the pain of labor and promote natural birth.

The Lamaze was developed in 1950 by a French obstetrician named Fernand Lamaze. After so many years of learning about natural childbirth the Lamaze childbirth method has transformed into a philosophy that guides and prepares mothers to be for a natural birth experience.

The modern Lamaze classes teach mothers to be the ways that they can reduce the pain during labor.  The classes teach that labor should come natural and not induced, it teaches movements and positions the mother can stay in so she can be more comfortable and not laid back on a bed, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, spontaneous pushing, use of ‘birth ball’ and breastfeeding techniques.


Today Lamaze states that women should promote the Six Care Practices to support normal birth which are:

1. Labor should begin on it’s own. 2. Women in labor should be free to move throughout labor. 3. Women should have continuous support from others throughout labor. 4. There should be no routine interventions during labor and childbirth. 5. Women should not give birth on their backs. 6. Mothers and babies should not be separated after birth and should have unlimited breastfeeding opportunity.

The Lamaze childbirth method teaches that it is better for mother and baby to have a natural childbirth and unless there is a problem to go and give birth normally.

There are many people who say that Lamaze classes really do work and that they don’t regret that they have taken the classes. Many celebrities as well are opting for the Lamaze training before they give birth.