Smoking and being pregnant are definitely two things that don\’t go together. It has been made public for a long time now that smoking is bad for your health as well as the health of others. There are so many people who still smoke even though the potential risks to which they are exposing themselves to: lung cancer, hear problems, blood circulation problems and other disorders.

During pregnancy the baby is affected by the mothers lifestyle. For example the baby will be affected by what the mother is eating and drinking. Everything that is unhealthy for the mother is unhealthy for the baby, because the unborn child receives his nutrients and everything he needs to develop from the mother.

The best way to avoid harming your baby is by quitting smoking as soon as you find out you\’re pregnant. The sooner you quit smoking the better your chances of giving birth to a normal healthy baby.

Smoking during pregnancy can affect the health of your baby and cause:

low birth weigh. Women who still smoke during pregnancy have a higher risk of giving birth to an underweight baby

smoking can also affect the normal growth of the baby, causing him to have a slower growth rate than normal

pregnancy smoking during pregnancy

premature birth. Children who have been born prematurely due to the mothers smoking can pose a lot of health risks over the babies normal development. Preterm babies can be born with serious health problems and disabilities. Due to cumulative factors even death can occur

placental problems which can lead to certain complications during pregnancy. Placental complications can lead to bleeding heavily during childbirth, which passes a danger for both mother and child. There is a higher possibility in smoking pregnant women of placenta rupture, which will usually leads to premature labor

All these things can affect the life of your unborn baby. I guess all the pleasures in the world cannot sooth the pain of a mother who willingly caused harm to her unborn baby by smoking. This is why it is best to give it a thought before you light up the next cigarette if you are pregnant. A healthy normal baby will bring you much more joy than smoking a cigarette.