Stretch marks can appear due to several factors, weight gain is only one of these. It is demonstrated that the breakage of the skin is caused by its inability to stretch parallel with the tissues. Consequently the collagen is not capable of securing of proper elasticity. Seeing stretch marks on the tummy of pregnant women is not a novelty. Some might even have them on their breasts and even arms.

Even though it is accepted as a common fact, there are several preventive actions that can be done to protect our skin. Indeed genetics is often blamed for the formation of stretch marks. However there are several home remedies that can lessen our proneness to their appearance. Experiment with these well-known methods to fight against unaesthetic beauty marks.

Hydration as in the case of most skin disorders is the perfect means to both detoxify and offer protection to our skin. Stretch marks appear more earlier and in a higher degree in the case of those who deprive their complexion of water.

Let’s admit that water is one of the cheapest and most effective methods to fight stretch marks. Internal treatments seem to have a huge beneficial effect, rather than outer ones. Pure water is the key to healthy skin.

Vitamin E is an acclaimed remedy for stretch mark prevention. Available at the specialized stores you can purchase caplets, that have a more spectacular effect than creams and lotions that claim a high content of this nutrient.

All you have to do is break them and apply them on your skin, rubbing it into your pores. This way you’ll offer the skin the proper amount of nutrients to stretch naturally.

Massaging is another popular method among fresh mommies who would like to fight against having stretch marks. Use a nice moisturizer to do it, or you an go the natural way. Anyway the blood circulation will boost which can enhance the cell reproduction. This will result in a healthier and naturally glowing skin.

Moisturizing whether naturally or with a beauty lotion or cream can do miracles against stretch marks. All you have to do is let your skin absorb the natural moisture for the guaranteed effect. The most simple method to do is to skip the thorough drying of your body with the use of a towel.

Instead only pat the surface of the skin with the cloth, and leave the rest of the water evaporate naturally. This is totally organic and won’t do any harm to you or the baby. If you want to try the cosmetic products, opt for shea butter, wheatgerm, almond or cocoa oil.

A healthy diet can also increase the resistance of the skin against stretch marks. Nutrition is closely related to the health of your skin. During pregnancy in general it is highly recommended to avoid the consumption of liquids and ingredients that can disturb the blood oxygen level or will dry out the skin. Caffeine, alcohol and even tea are the basic no-nos in the pregnancy diet plan.

Learn the basic steps on how to prevent the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.