Just because you are dressing for two now, it does not mean you have to completely change your personal style. You can still look just as hip and trendy now that you are pregnant. Many celebrities don’t lose their style or fashionable look while pregnant, and you shouldn’t either. Don’t despair, there are plenty of options for you to be a sexy but most importantly a comfortable mom.

Here are some suggestions for a stylish pregnancy:

JeansYou should look for an adjustable waistband, stretch fabric and a flattering cut, such as bootleg. This would be a good item to splurge on because you will probably wear these for a bit after the baby is born. Or you can readjust your old jeans, by adding an adjustable waistband.

TopsPick up a figure-hugging top with a cute neckline to accentuate your baby bump. A top accentuates your flirty and feminine look, while empire-waist shirt is also a great look. You can never go wrong with a cute top.

Loose Fit PantsThese are lightweight and fashionable pants, very easy to wear from shopping to lounging. These pants look great with a fitted tee or an empire-waist top.

SkirtIf you’re looking for a skirt, you should try one in a basic color (black or brown) with a lightweight material and a stretchy waistband (waistbands are, probably, the key-element in your pregnancy regarding clothes).

DressA wrap jersey dress will look great on your pregnant body, and is a perfect look for a night date with your hubby. Or, perhaps, you should try a dress made of a very light fabric, it’s more comfortable and light.

Photos: asos