There is one major tendency while pregnant, and it’s an extreme one: women tend either to love their new body, transforming it into a true temple, as it changes day by day, or women see all the bad things that happen as a price that pay for getting pregnant.

You can’t be pregnant forever, but those nine months might work as magic, especially if you have one or more flaws. Hips too big, breasts too small, a little bit of extra padding around your middle will all be now feminine attributes that celebrate your future birth. Your hips will be outcome by your belly; your breasts will grow as soon as your hormones start doing their thing and so on.

Fashion is least expected at a pregnant woman, unless you are Nicole Richie. But still, you have two options here: playing by the rules and wearing that boring, but comfortable and classic “mommy clothes” or breaking all the rules by redefining who you are – think positively a “chic mommy” and try your best. This means have fun with your imagination and sense of style. Since everybody knows, and now you feel it too, that a pregnant woman is a miracle and her beauty is undeniable, why not enjoying it? It’s very fine to be the center of attention, after all, at least for a few months.

Plus, your body itself is producing a miracle, that life that grows inside of you, the kicks – day by day, you are a magical woman, so don’t forget it, and put it on the top of your list, especially for the days you are feeling kind of low about your body and looks.