During your pregnancy, the abdominal muscles go through a unique lengthening process. Your body stretches as the fetus grows, and this causes the body to add functional units to the abdominal muscles, called sacromeres.

After childbirth, the muscles should return to their normal length, but it’s recommended you do some exercises if you want your abs back.

First of all, you need to focus on your transverse abdominal muscles, as they are connected to your back muscles as well as your rectus abdominals (our vertical abdominal muscles and are the muscles most commonly targeted when you do stomach exercises). Of course, before doing any exercise, you should consult your health care provider first, just to be sure you’re not doing anything that might harm you.

How to Get Your Abs Back After Pregnancy

The scissor kicks is an exercise done lying on the floor. With your hands placed under the buttocks, raise one leg about 10 inches off the ground and slowly lower it back down. As you lower the one leg, raise the other.

Another great exercise is the pelvic tilts: you are lying on the floor, you bend your knees keeping your feet on the ground. The idea is simple: lift your pelvis and hold briefly before lowering slowly back down to the ground. Your upper body remains on the floor throughout the movement. The lower abs is one of the most important things that a woman should concentrate on.

Crunches are, in this case, the thing to consider. You start lying on your back, your hands crossed on your chest and lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. You should always bend your knees because it provides necessary support for your lower back. Raise yourself up using your abs while pressing your lower back to the floor. As you reach the top of the crunch slowly exhale. Then slowly lower your back down to the flow as you inhale. All these exercises should be repeated 15-20 times for the best results.