Stress is an important factor in or lives which can affect our physical as well as mental state of being. Stress affects people differently, depending on their personalities and sensitivity. People who are more emotional are more prone to be affected by stress than others.

During pregnancy stress already affects the body due to all the transformation it is subjected to. All these transformation can be a little bit hard to deal with and can lead to more stress. Stress and pregnancy are two factors that don’t work together, as stress can affect the body, thus the evolution of the pregnancy. Stress is known for causing miscarriage, premature childbirth and several other problems related to pregnancy evolution.

Because unfortunately stress is a part of life and it affects us on a daily basis it is necessary to try and deal with the stress as best as you can. To protect your health as well as the health of your unborn child, you need to learn how to deal with stress during pregnancy:

try to breath calmly and slowly whenever you feel stressed out. Breathing will help you regulate your heart rate and help you calm down

take a little bit of time to think things over before you get too stressed out. There is always a logical and a less stressful way to deal with daily problems and stress will not help you solve them in any way

accept the events that are causing you stress and try to solve them as calmly as possible. You will be able to think things through better when you have a clear mind

get enough sleep as lack of sleep can make you feel tired, thus more irritable and easier to get influenced by stress

try to relax by listening to some relaxing music. Ambiance music can really help relieve stress and bring a state of well being, a state which will help you relax and enjoy yourself

aromatherapy is also a great way of relieving stress. We rely on our senses to live our lives and the olfactory senses are very important. Aromatherapy oils help stimulate the brain and help create a state of well being. You can choose your favorite scents or you can try scents that are known for their relaxing properties

relaxation massages are great when it comes to relieving stress and tension. Done by a professional or by your friend, mother, husband or boyfriend, relaxation massages can help your body and your mind relax

You are the only one who can control how stress affects you. Your mental state will be able to help you surpass any stressful events, all you need to do is control your feelings to diminish the effects of stress. The less stress in your life the better you and your unborn baby will feel.