Our first name is an important part of our personality. Choosing one for our unborn baby becomes a major task. The influence that our name has on our social and private life has been a topic for the French psychologist, Nicolas Gueguen. Here’s what he thinks about it:

Short first names are much easier and simple to remember. People with such names have good social relationships, they are rarely lonely and they’re very popular.

Long first names come with a high social position and much harder to remember. The beauty of a name, its elegance and charm, influences one’s life. A beautiful girl with a beautiful name is perceived more beautiful than if she had a strange or a ‘less nice’ name.

Studies show that babies recognize their names within the first 4-5 months of life.They’re already making the difference between their names and other people’s names.

Choosing a name is exciting and important for most parents. 24% of parents are choose the name of their child before conception, 71% during pregnancy, and 5% after birth.

A little girl or boy you see while pregnant is the best inspiration, even if during the 9 months you’ve found dozens of names. Before you choose a name for your baby, remember: people with cute first names are considered beautiful, live happier and longer – a great name gives more confidence and thus better coping with daily stress, which leads to maintaining a better state of health and extends life expectancy.