Although the royal couple seemed to have wanted to hide the fact that Duchess Kate was pregnant, they could not do it because of the fact that Kate suffered from severe morning sickness, fact that made the royal couple to reveal their latest news. As Kate’s morning sickness symptom did not disappear as a result of trying all possible remedies that pregnant women usually find help in, the rescue came from the Duchess of Cornwall, the stepmother of her husband.

It looks like she is a fan of lavender shortbread biscuits which Kate really loves now as well, since these are the only snacks which make her feel better in one of the most beautiful, but at the same time difficult periods of her life.

Although other morning sickness remedies did not stood a change while facing the Duchess’s acute morning sickness, this traditional remedy seems to have done the trick.

The thing is that lavender is widely known for its capabilities of relieving nausea, but pregnant women usually utilize it only in their last weeks of pregnancy by bathing in water containing lavender oil drops. Nonetheless, it looks like lavender also works during the first trimester of pregnancy, as long as it is consumed in the form of snacks.

Since everyone has found out about these lavender cookies that are capable of relieving Kate Middleton’s morning sickness, it looks like the entire Royal Family sends her whole boxes filled with these snacks. The funny thing is that these cookies are in fact sold by Fortnum and Mason, one of the favorite London stores of the Queen, and also by the Duchy Originals brand of Prince Charles.

Duchess of Cambridges Morning Sickness Remedy Revealed

It is a good thing that the Duchess of Cambridge has decided to consult a doctor for her acute nausea, as it seems that this condition can determine a severe form of dehydration and therefore put not only the mother, but also the baby in danger. On the other hand, the severe symptoms of Kate Middleton can also be a good sign, as this might mean that the princess is carrying twins.

According to some studies, a small percentage of women that have severe morning sickness are pregnant with twins or even triplets. However, the royal couple does not know yet the sex of their baby or babies, as Kate is not so far ahead in her pregnancy.

All in all, although nowadays there are no anti-sickness medications that pregnant women can take, the folk remedies seem to work just fine, even against Duchess Kate’s morning sickness. By eating the lavender shortbread cookies, but also by consulting her doctor and staying in the hospital for a few days, the Duchess of Cambridge can now keep both foods and fluids down, thing she could not do in the past because of severe vomiting. Therefore, now she can get the nutrients both her and her baby need in order for them to be healthy and strong.

Duchess of Cambridges Morning Sickness Remedy Revealed