Expecting a baby is one of the most memorable and joyful moments on a woman’s life. It is a time when women experience the joy of carrying a life inside their bodies, but also a time for changes. Your body needs to adjust to the new baby and needs to make room. Women will gradually start to gain a few pounds and this regular clothes will not fit anymore. Because pregnant women can too be stylish , maternity clothes have been developed. The new collections look incredible and can make every woman feel and look extraordinary. Because some of these maternity clothes can be expensive, we are going to help you create your own stylish maternity pants.

Regular pants will not fit your growing belly so pregnant women need to buy maternity pants because they are made especially to fit the baby bump. Maternity pants look and feel comfortable because of the design. They can come at a pretty high price especially if you are looking for a good brand. Since you will only wear the maternity pants for a few months only, you can try and same some money by making your own maternity pants.

To start choose a pair of pants that fit you until just beneath your baby bump, and you won’t be sorry because you turned them into maternity pants.Put them on and make a mark using a chalk just under your baby bump, as high or as low as you are comfortable. Take the pants off and cut the zipper and the excess material above the mark you made using the chalk. Sew the zipper shut and the cut line to make sure the material will not unwind.

maternity clothes maternity pants

Take a 5 or 6 inch wide elastic material, wrap it around your belly and make a mark where you think it is comfortable for you. Don’t make it too loose or too tight. It will only help the pants stay up better. Sew the material where you made the mark into a loop, turn it inside out and sew the upper part to the pants.

When you are done try the jeans on and pull the material over your waist. Now you have a new pair of wonderful maternity pants at no cost. You can now look stylish without spending a lot of money on new clothes.