Following a special skin care routine during pregnancy is only the first step towards avoiding any troubles with our complexion. However there are some problems that can be rarely avoided, mainly because these are influenced mainly by hormones and other vital functions in our body.

The more you know about how to reduce the visible sings of these disorders the less it will affect your look and mood. These guidelines will help you in learning more about the cause and treatment of pregnancy skin problems.

Melasma (Mask of Pregnancy)

Discoloration of the skin is often experienced by future mommies generally at the beginning of the third trimester. Due to the hormone boost the pigmentation of the skin increases. You might spot these signs on the forehead, cheek, upper lip and nose. These tiny patches have a different often darker color and it should sound soothing that all these will gradually disappear as soon as the baby is born.

Those who have a darker complexion might notice the appearance of lighter spots. With the boost of the hormones that control the tanning process the spots might spread all over the body.

The only way to reduce them or control their formation is to keep away of extreme exposure to sun. The UV rays can easily darken the color of these and worsen the situation.

Use sunscreen to protect your skin from melasma or tinted moisturizers to try a temporary masking of these spots.

Linea Nigra

This is the most common skin problem pregnant women might be faced with. As the name denotes it is the dark line that crosses the tummy and appears during the second trimester.

This is one of the skin disorders that can’t be prevented since it happens due to the stretching of abdominal muscles.It is also a matter of pigmentation that will gradually cease after the birth of the baby. This darkening can be also observed on the nipples, however don’t panic this will soon go away at about a few weeks after delivery.


Pregnancy can also generate the formation of acne. More and more women show the sign if acne-proneness during this period. The hormone flux can lead to the oiliness of the skin. Consequently the pores might become clogged and unable to resist the damages. Increasing the water intake can be a natural remedy to prevent the appearance of acne and detox the organism.

Take extra-care of properly cleansing your skin user the proper cleanse for oily skin. If you would like to skip any chemicals it is advisable to go for either the natural toning methods or to use only pure water to unclog pores and remove dirt from your skin. Use beauty products specially designed for acne only if your GP approves their baby-free quality.

Glowing Skin

Some might experience the slightly artificial glow of their skin. Indeed during this period our skin might retain more water than it’s strictly necessary. Due to this fact our face might appear puffy and the red spots and other skin problems might become more visible than before.

Pregnant women often appear younger and having silky skin during their pregnancy. The wrinkles and fine lines get filled due to the moisture excess on our skin. The solution for this problem is resting, after the baby is born the puffiness will soon cease.

Other skin problems that might occur during the pregnancy and will disappear after delivery are spider veins, stretch marks and itching.