Catching a flu or cold during your pregnancy is not exactly desirable as the symptoms of these viruses can persist longer than usual, posing a threat to you and your newborn in case complications develop. Pregnant women usually have a weaker immune system than other people so it is essential to avoid getting a cold of a flu in the first place.

Cold and flu present similar symptoms, however they are two different conditions so you need to learn to make a clear distinction between the two conditions. Cold symptoms are usually milder than flu symptoms and these symptoms can be:

For the common cold

fever which can go up to 102º F


runny or stuffy nose

coughs and sneezing


For the flu some of the symptoms are

fever which goes over 102º F

stuffy nose





These are only some of the symptoms which are common when developing a flu or a cold, so if you experience these symptoms you need to know what exactly to do, especially if you are pregnant.

Certain medicines should not be administrated during pregnancy as it can affect the baby, so it is very important to avoid taking any medicine without consulting your physician first. If no complications occur during the flu or cold, you can try some natural home remedies.

However if your temperature rises over 101º F, you have colored mucus, you experience chest pain, and so on and you are pregnant turn to your physician. This way you will be able to prevent any complications which could occur. In order to alleviate your symptoms you can try some of the following home remedies which are safe for pregnant as well as non-pregnant women:

get plenty of rest and try to avoid putting too much effort into house chores

drink plenty of fluids such as natural tea or water

eat soup as it will help with your flu or cold

gargle with salt and water as this might alleviate your soar throat

try to get a steam facial bath as this might help you clear your airways better

The best way to treat common colds or flu is to avoid getting these conditions in the first place so try your best to avoid crowded places and staying near sick people especially when pregnant.