With so many pregnancy advice blogs to choose from, it can be tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff. You can save precious time by browsing through our best pregnancy blogs selection.1. Giving Birth with Confidence:

Giving Birth with Confidence is one of the best blogs for pregnant women. The bloggers are certified experts in the field of birthing, ranging from childbirth coaches specialized in Lamaze, midwives and doulas to moms sharing their stories. This is a very informative blog, offering expert advice on birthing, breastfeeding and parenting.


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2. Stand and Deliver:

Stand and Deliver is one of the best birthing blogs out there. The author, Dr. Rixa Freeze, PhD, confesses to having a “longstanding personal and professional interest in childbirth, maternity care, breastfeeding, and women’s issues.” While her main interest is unassisted birth, she also shares tips and stories about breastfeeding and birth plans, recommending useful readings and reviewing products.

Pregnancy And Labour

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3. Mama Birth: 

Another great pregnancy blog, Mama Birth, is written by a mother of four who started teaching Birth Boot Camp after her final pregnancy turned out to be an unexpected unassisted birth. She shares her personal story, as well as other inspiring birth stories and useful birth resources.

Birthing Tips

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4. My Green and Natural Pregnancy: 

A wonderful pregnancy blog for whose who are keen to embrace a natural and holistic lifestyle during pregnancy. The author, Elizabeth, started it when she was pregnant with her third baby, sharing tips on how to have a green, natural and holistic pregnancy and minimize exposure to chemicals and toxins.

Paregnancy And Parenting

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5. Pregnant Chicken: 

This is a hilarious pregnancy blog, which takes a funny and lighthearted approach to common pregnancy problems and dilemmas. The author (or, as she calls herself, “the broad behind the bird”) is Amy Morrison, mother of two and professed David Sedaris fan.

Joy Of Pregnancy And Parenting

More at: Pregnant Chicken6. Appellation Mountain:

OK, not exactly a pregnancy blog, but one of the best baby-name blogs out there. It offers a user-friendly, easy-to-browse collection of baby names, including names that are slightly more unusual without risking to expose your child to peer ridicule.

Baby Names

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