Pregnancy is a domain that is still not fully understood. Life itself is a mystery so it is very difficult to determine what factors affect women during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a joyful time which women have been blessed to experience, but it is also a period when women usually get confused about what they are allowed and what they should avoid during pregnancy.

There are so many things which have been passed on from one generation to the other, things which over time have been proven to affect or to have no effect over the unborn baby and the pregnancy. This is why it is best to inform yourself about pregnancy dos and don’ts from books and specialists. There has been so many speculations about sun exposure for everyone, so is it safe to stay in the sun while pregnant?

So many women get confused and don’t really know what to believe anymore and this is due to the fact that there is insufficient data regarding sun exposure during pregnancy and the effects related to it. “Melasma” also known as “the mask of pregnancy” is triggered by sun exposure during pregnancy. Women usually get more sensitive during pregnancy and due to hormone levels and changes happening in the body. Melasma appears due to the overproduction of melanin which are the skins pigments. Sun exposure stimulates the melanin production in the body, causing our skin to tan.

Pregnant beach walk pregnancy

It is also believed but still not proven that sun exposure can affect the levels of folic acid levels which help the baby develop. Folic acid can be broken down by the UV rays. Another factor which is believed to affect pregnancy is overheating due to sun exposure. Overheating can also lead to dehydration and make the baby feel uncomfortable.

Simply because there are so many unknown things about certain natural factors which can affect pregnancy, like sun exposure most women prefer to avoid exposing their body to the sun especially at noon when the sun’s UV rays are most powerful. Other women think that if they are using high SPF protection lotions and avoid exposing themselves during the times when the UV rays are most powerful no harm can be caused to them and their unborn baby.

Until it is known for certain the effects of sun exposure over pregnancy it is best to avoid exposing yourself to the sun. It is better to be safe than sorry, although it is every woman’s decision to do as she thinks best. One thing is for certain, everything done in excess is harmful.