Help your child’s self-esteem.

This is a very influential component in his life, and tender moments, genuine encounter moments are a must-have. Never tell a child that he is bad, he must know that he is loved unconditionally no matter what he does.

Critics and tough words can create real disasters regarding his self-esteem.

Speak to your child! Give him constant feedback, he’ll understand that you are always there and he’ll turn to you if he will need a mature advice.

Sometimes action speaks louder than words. If you observe that your child has become parent-deaf, this means you haven’t had a good tactic, so change it.

Instead of complaining about his action, try setting up an example he can easily understand and follow.

In an argument, try to be firm but kind in the same time. In many occasions, kids just like to provoke their parents. In this cases, learn to leave the conflict.

Parenting Advices

Remind him that you are willing to try a new discussion, but do not emphasize his anger in testing you.

Motivate through love, not fear. In the end, all we have is love.

Fear can always tear us apart and transform us in something else, not exactly quite expected.

Don’t educate your child in fear; this is probably one of the biggest mistakes ever.

Try showing him love, compassion, support and trust – and you’ll have the happiest kid ever!