It is said that there are three stages of a man’s life: he believes in Santa, he doesn’t believe in Santa and he becomes Santa. You’ve find out you’re going to be a father soon. Now is the time for you to panic. Or not.

You still have lots of time to get used to the idea. Be there for your partner. She’s doing much worse than you do. Her body changes and it’s getting ready for a crucial moment – giving birth.

Many women experience fluctuation of hormones can bring on everything from mood swings to what seems to be unreasonable irritation with you.

Just stay calm and remember that these will pass. As the pregnancy evolves, you’ll surely find your paths for these 9 months to be happy and tender. Be by the mother when she takes her ultrasound and don’t be surprised if questions like “Is that the head?” or “Where are his fingers?” might come to your mind. You’ll notice that your sex life just changed. In a good way. Even if just few sexual positions seem possible, you might as well just enjoy this.

The Diary of the Pregnant Dad

Try to be supportive when your partner is worried about her looks: tell her how attractive she is and how much you enjoy making love to her or just caressing her.

When the baby comes, it’s normal you don’t fall in love immediately. You’ll not feel the same bond that the mother shares with the baby. While she’s giving birth, there’s not a lot you can do. Then, your role begins.

Now you’re an integrate part of your family’s life. Parenting isn’t done alone, it’s done together, with the two of you supporting each other, giving each other breaks from the routine and stress, as well as taking pleasure in watching your child grow and thrive, together.