Circumcision is a very old procedure, dating back to Egyptian times. At its origins, circumcision was a very important part of religious rituals for Jewish and Muslim families.

In other parts of the world, circumcision began to appear in the 19th century, and at the beginning of the 20th. In that time, 25% of men were circumcised and later on, during the war, it was a very popular procedure, as the soldiers had little access to water and maintaining adequate personal hygiene was difficult.

In the present tense, circumcision is practiced all around the world. It is believed to be a family tradition, a religious one, or people do it just for their hygiene. What happens when being circumcised?

First, we have to mention that this technique is usually done when the baby is still young, in his first couple of weeks.

Is Circumcision Beneficial

The physician will separate the foreskin using a special type of forceps. Clamps hold the foreskin in place, a protective cover is put over the glans, the foreskin is pulled over the cover and then about one-third to one half of the skin is cut off using a clamp.

After all these happen, an antiseptic lotion or jelly will be put on the penis, just to prevent infections and irritation. If you are thinking of circumcising your son, you need to discuss this issue with your pediatrician.

It’s important you understand the procedure and that you know everything about it.

Make sure you have the right doctor who will perform the surgery and that you know everything about the healing process, after all, circumcision is a choice, not a must.

You as parent, should know best if this is what’s best for your child as a future man.