The kindergarten provides children with the right stimulating factor to develop and at the same time socialize. Knowing more about how to work in team as well as get used to order will have a beneficial effect on the personality. However there are various criteria to fulfill when it comes of choosing the right time to enroll our child into kindergarten, From the behavioral facts to the other principles all should be carefully observed to create and overall impression. Create a detailed checklist that covers all the critical issues that would be tested and observed in the kindergarten.Follow some basic guidelines to grant your child with a pleasant experience rather than forcing him into a situation he is not prepared of. Test whether your child is kindergarten ready or not appealing to a few basic steps as the following ones:Intellectual

One of the crucial factors that can have an effect on the development of the children is the formation of intellectual. Intellectual readiness is one of the basic factors that are observed and required by kindergarten. Some of the basic skills that should be acquired with the help of the parents as well as the whole entourage are the following: knowing shapes, counting to 10, basic colors and last but not least learning a few letters from the alphabet.

It is highly recommended to prepare children for the next level of their development with similar activities that polish and perfect their intellectual skills as well as logic. The teachers in similar institutions will be able to observe whether the child will be able to keep up the pace with other children who might have familiarized with these subjects.


Discipline is another important factor to consider. The kindergarten will have rules that should be kept both by children an their supervisors. Children are ready to be enrolled into a similar institution if they can control their temper and both listen and comprehend the commands of their teachers.

This is tested by professionals with a few instructions that can be used also by parents. These would include whether the child can cooperate in a group activity as well as will take on his coat, grab the plate and the spoon when you tell him. In order to be able to control the large groups supervisors make sure the children doesn’t struggle with discipline problems that can be improved due to various reasons.

Eager To Learn

Furthermore it is also important to consider whether the child is eager to learn and know more about the environment as well as his peers. Logic and intellectual will develop only by appealing to questions as well as tiny inquiries they may lead to find out more on an interesting subject. Parents can test the awareness of their child with answering their questions and asking their opinions. This would undoubtedly stimulate them to learn more about the things that surround them. Thinking is best stimulated by the ‘do you know?’ type questions that launch a series of reactions if the child is really keen to learn new things.


Due to the fact that kindergartens place a special emphasis on sociability. Children will play together as the main means to build a tiny society inside the walls of the institution. However this project will also have a beneficial effect on the rest of the human relations kids might have with parents and other children. The child must be ready both intellectually, physically as well as emotionally for the kindergarten to avoid an unpleasant experience and other difficulties.Observe whether he behaves ideally when together with other kids and also if he is eager to create new human bonds.

Motor Skills

Motor skills are also paramount in order to ease the activities that are used in kindergarten. It is a must to observe whether the child can hold and use a scissor, use the playdough or draw with a pencil. These are some of the basic skills that would determine the abilities of the child to participate in group works and workshops. Kids who have problems with similar capacities might not be ready to be enrolled into kindergarten. Plan some creative activities both to improve the skills of your child as well as test his kindergarten readiness in a few steps.