How to deal with your kid’s temper tantrums Temper tantrums are dramatic behaviors of children characterized by screaming and kicking. Kids throw these temper tantrums because this is the way they express their anger and frustration. Not all children throw theses tantrums, some do and some don’t.

Some tantrums are worst then others so parents don’t usually know how to deal with their kids. This type of behavior is most common on boys and girls with ages from 2 to 5 because this is when they want to experiment different things. When they see that they can’t do it or you won’t allow them to do it, they get angry and frustrated. Temper tantrums are a part of normal behavior and will pass with age development.

Some children throw temper tantrum because they seek attention and they feel that this is how they can get it. Other children use tantrums to get what they want and take control.

If they do something they are not suppose to do, due to safety issues ask them to stop and if they don’t put them in time out for a few minutes. Don’t be afraid to use the time out rule. The child needs to understand that this type of behavior is not accepted and they can’t do something they are not supposed to do.

It is important to be firm and calm when a child throws temper tantrums. Pay attention to his frustration and try to understand what they want.

With some children it works if you ignore the tantrums, do your activity but do not leave the child alone as he might feel abandoned or hurt himself, especially younger children. Don’t even make eye contact with the child when he is throwing a tantrum. When the child is done with the tantrum talk to him about his behavior.

If the child is a bit older take him to his room and ask him to stay there until he is done with the tantrum, only then he can come outside.

If the toddler has a hard time calming down try and help him to calm down, talk to him, distract his attention but do not give in just so they can stop or after they stopped as a reward. You will only make things worst. The child will know that if he throws a tantrum he’ll get what he wants.

After he stops talk to your child and let him know what you feel about his behavior. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to take the child into a quiet and safe place when he throws a tantrum. If in public find a quiet place and go somewhere where there aren’t so many people around. Don’t give in just because you are embarrassed by his behavior. Every parent knows what you are going through.

To deal or prevent temper tantrums you need to:– make sure your child is getting enough attention. Some children may turn to tantrums to get the attention they need even if it’s a negative attention

– don’t be too controlling, let the kids feel a little bit independent if they are not doing anything that might harm them or others

– distract the child’s attention when you feel a temper tantrum is going to happen

– make sure the child gets enough sleep. Tired children are more susceptible to throwing temper tantrums.