While cutting your toddler’s hair you might face some real difficulties. How could you make your job easier? Try the following tips and tricks to make this problem less frustrating.

First of all the hardest part is when you want to keep him still for a couple of seconds. The keyword is distraction – find an activity that would keep him motionless. Turn on the TV and let him watch his favorite show or you can also let him look at a colorful book. As long as he is kept busy you’ll have some time to cut his hair.

Experienced mothers advise you to play out the hair cutting ritual a day before the actual event, so that you’ll toddler could get used to the feeling.

It is recommended to place the child into a high chair, this way all the parts will be more accessible to you. Place newspapers on the floor to gather hair you cut off.

You can let your child comb his own hair, this way you’ll make him less frightened and more enthusiastic.

How to Cut You Toddlers Hair

Wrap a towel around his neck in order to protect the skin from hair. Pour some water into a spray bottle and wet his strands with it. Start with the bangs, it is very important to cut the hair out of his face without letting the strands grow in his eyes.

Keep on with the other parts right around the head from the hair on the backside of his head and that on the nape of the neck. Avoid cutting hair instantly, especially when you get to the ears and eyes.

Place one hand on his little head and ears to assure him that nothing is wrong and it won’t hurt. It is advisable to separate the hair into 4 sections. Then if your toddler seems to have no patience keep a short break then go on with the remaining parts.

The actual process is the following: keep the little tuft of hair between the index and middle finger, pull it slightly to make it easier to cut.

When you grabbed the strand cut it right above your fingers. Repeat this ritual over again around the head, only be careful keep the proper length.

Give him a mirror so he can see the difference, children love to stare at themselves.

Finally comb his hair and make some corrections where needed. Try to reward him for being so brave, this way you’ll encourage him to get used to getting a haircut.