Those who would like to hire a babysitter that would ease their daily life often contact an agency. However some might not trust the efficiency of this method that’s why it is also useful to find the perfect person according to personal preferences. Those who have some kind of experience in this stuff know that it’s hard to choose a person that is both trustworthy and fulfills some basic conditions. Here is a bunch of ideas that will help you succeed in choosing the best babysitter.

Indeed the best option for your baby would be to hire a well-known person rather than an unknown. The personal relationship will be already established, and there won’t be need of any critical period until they let down their barriers and become friends.

The best way to do this is to skim through your neighborhood. There are so many teens who would like to have an extra-job. Notice how they behave with children, their little siblings.

It is also a smart idea to ask your friends about your options. Whether they agree that hiring the person you spotted is a good idea or a mistake. Some have the necessary experience to provide your with useful info.

The most important is to choose a person who has the proper age to have a sense of responsibility. You don’t to rush home every 30 minutes to see whether everything is OK. Make sure the babysitter is over the age of 16 which is the lowest age limit in this business.

When you prepare for a mini-interview you might have some telling questions. Whether the person had any experience is essential. Moreover if she even has a person to prove this and good references you won the game.

There are several questions that are not as direct to be prepared for it. Look at mimic and behavior in general you might be surprised what posture and some gestures really reveal of us.

Don’t be afraid of going into details. Ask her whether she knows the vital phone numbers or any other care issue of babies. Make up some imaginary situations and let her find the way out of them with her skills. It’s the only way to prevent any disasters at least in theory. Some of these situations could be: what if the baby starts to choke, how she deals with a tantrum, what if she can’t put the toddler to sleep etc. These would mirror the measure of her sense of responsibility.

Besides having the proper education for this job, it is also important to test the person’s creativity. Whether she likes playing with children, entertaining them with games and other activities. The spiritual bonding is just as important as the whole babysitter-baby relationship.

Be specific, don’t make statements that are not totally clear, Later you wouldn’t be able to have any complaints if you formulated your expectations in the wrong way. T

alk about restrictions as swearing in front of the children, watching TV and other issues that are extremely important to you. Pay attention to the reactions. Some will immediately assure you that this is obvious, however there are cases when the discussions are too blurry and the person is hired before she could express her own opinion.

If you’ve find the best person in your view, you might further offer some help to her in order to build an ideal relationship both between parents and sitter as well as children and babysitter. If you do your job properly you might ease both your and her task. Leave all the necessary information on a visible place right at hand.

Phone numbers, instructions any helpful guidelines that will be offered will further enhance the achievement of common goals. Don’t’ forget to encourage and praise her whenever you are pleased with her job, this is the key to establish a good relationship with her.