There are lots of things to do before you bring your baby into his new home. That’s why buying all the things you may need in advance, clothes, baby products, books, baby gear – it’s a very good idea.

There’s still a small detail you should consider also before you give birth, and that’s to baby-proof your home, as you won’t have the time to do it when he’s already there with you. Being safe is always safer.

The baby’s crib – make sure that the crib mattress fits well, you don’t want your child to fall out of the crib – be sure that all screws, bolts, and other hardware are securely installed to prevent the crib from collapsing, and don’t ever put pillows or electric blankets in it, they might become dangerous for your toddler.

How to Baby Proof Your House

You may consider using a belt when you put your baby in a bouncy seat, and also use a belt on his changing table. Once your toddler starts walking, extra safety is required, so make sure to keep any small object far from him (coins, small toys).

Corners should be also baby proofed, draperies shorten and any dangerous substances removed from the baby’s access.

Houseplants need to be moved too, and every electrical outlet in your home should be covered with a child-resistant outlet cover.

Pad every edge in your house and keep appliance cords wrapped short so children cannot pull coffee makers, toasters or any other appliance. Since they’re walking, they now can pull up and stand, so make sure your bookshelves are secured and audio-video equipment out of their way.

Many accidents can happen so making your home safe for the baby becomes a daily chore. Remember to stay safe!