Often toddlers seem to struggle with the same bad habits, thumb sucking is one of these. Indeed it is important to help them our children in ceasing this ritual since it might generate to the deformation of teeth and jaw. There’s no need to panic since it is a common problem that several parents all over the world have to face. One of the best solutions for this delicate issue is being an ally of your baby in a quicker and more efficient ‘anti-thumb sucking’ process.

It is important to know the main reasons why children get used to this habit. Calming and the need for comfort are only some of the main culprits when it comes of stabilizing thumb sucking. Usually it stops at an early age, however there are children who keep on with this harmful habit up to the age of 5-8. The earlier it happens the best so in order to prevent the increasing need for it, it is recommended to apply some home remedies to stop thumb sucking.

Boredom can be a triggering factor when it comes of thumb sucking especially in the case of older children. The best way to rule out the chance of this, is to find activities that would preoccupy the toddlers for a while. Drawing, physical activities and active plays will keep them busy and will distract their attention from their fingers and thumbs. You can also join him further enhancing the efficiency of this tiny but wise trick.

Rewarding is one of the basic tools to help them stop thumb sucking. There are several ways of pleasing your toddler with little surprises. You can make a tip-top calendar and post it on the fridge, make it visible.

Then if he manages to keep away from thumb sucking a whole day you’ll grant him with candies, chocolate or other more healthy gifts. This is one of the most efficient methods used also in other domains to achieve several goals.

Keep him happy if you want to succeed. Stress can be a harmful factor that generates bad habits as nail biting or thumb sucking. Consequently it is vital to not stress the child with your disappointment when he doesn’t manage to get rid of this burden.

Instead encourage him, more try your little tricks especially when he is in a good mood. You’ll notice the increased desire to cooperate. Your toddler will see that you’re really a team and won’t be disillusioned if you won’t score right at the first time.

Try some psychology, treat him as if her were an adults. Keep associating thumb sucking with babyhood. Tell him that only little babies suck their fingers, and that he’s already an adult and grown-ups don’t do this it’s embarrassing. Don’t exaggerate there’s no need for frowns and yelling, instead convince them with gentle words.

The mirror trick is used by millions of parents. In fact this method tries to influence the pride of the child. It is recommended to place him in front of a mirror and see how he looks like during thumb sucking. Surprisingly he’ll be even embarrassed by the presence of the mirror image and soon if our goal fulfills he will even stop sucking his fingers. It’s not necessary to repeat it several times a day, make it only once and keep him in this position for 5-6 minutes.

Some might also use the more drastic methods as placing a band-aid on the thumbs, a glove or even a bitter solution that would remind the toddler of the harm this habit might cause to his baby teeth and face. However instead of radical stimulants it is more advisable to apply the above mentioned tricks first, then proceed to the one that could have a greater impact on our children.