If the last time you had time alone was in the bathroom for 2 minutes, then you should start finding some time for yourself.  Being a mother is a difficult thing, exhausting sometimes, overwhelming, emotional and tiring.

When all your emotions merge, it’s natural you ask what to do. You’ll never have your life back, exactly as what is was, but think, a new life has just begun. You will develop new interests, new habits.

Remember! You can’t be everything to your kids, your husband, and your job if you’re not taking care of yourself.  So, let’s try to get you some time! For example, try to get up early. Even if it’s difficult, it can allow you to have some quiet time for yourself.

Find Time for Yourself After Childbirth

When you get up an hour or so earlier before everyone else, you can make it your ‘me time’.  Cleaning – important, yes; but your home doesn’t have to be perfect. You may start doing just a few cleaning tasks each day, so that you won’t have so much cleaning to do in the end.

Your meals will be dictated by your baby’s need, so you’ll feed him when he’ll ask. This is no longer up to you. But, with a little effort, you may have, each day, some free time just for you.  Maybe your baby’s asleep, or his father takes care of him instead. Time for yourself is a priority that should be at the top of your list.

Try spending your free time watching a movie, reading that book you’ve always wanted to read, maybe a long hot bath, or a walk (if you have a sitter).  The idea is that you organize and spend your time as you feel like. You’ll feel much calmer, relaxed and ready for your duties as a mother.

A regular stress management practice is a must, and it may come in the form of a hobby, a type of exercise, a tension taming practice, or some other habit, but its important to make time for such things that can keep you feeling your best. Healthy living includes some time just for yourself.