Raising kids can be a difficult task to complete sometimes but the reward from watching them grow up and develop is worth every bit of effort. There comes a time when every parent feels overwhelmed and feels like they are exhausted since keeping up with the energy level of a child is very difficult and tiring.

One of the most popular choices and it’s becoming a trend is getting a nanny or a babysitter. They are usually trained people in dealing with children and can relieve the parents from a certain amount of duty. But the question really is: do you need a nanny?

Most people don’t think about the implications of getting a nanny and how that will affect the child. The child is very attached to the parents and will have to go through a period of accommodation. It might take a little bit of time, but eventually the child will accommodate to the situation and start to behave as usual. One of the most common problems when getting a nanny is leaving too much responsibility on him or her.

Children need parents attention, love and support and they can only get that kind of love from the parents. When the child feels he is not getting enough attention from the parents he will start having behavior changes to attract the desired attention.

You need a nanny if you have a job and you need to leave your child with a responsible person while you are at work or you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You don’t need a nanny if you are unemployed and you can turn all your attention towards your child. In this case you can hire a babysitter to help you one or two days a week so you can run to do your chores.

Getting a nanny shouldn’t be because you just want to place your responsibility in someone else’s hands, it should be about needing assistance to help your raise your child in good conditions.

Children can become very frustrated because the parents are too absent and may need counseling for dealing with their emotions. These are all things you should avoid, your child is your most precious possession and you, as a parent should do anything you can to protect him from harm. The best thing you can do is to get involved in the child’s life as much as possible even if you have a nanny.

The nanny should be of definite help but should not be there to replace you. Nothing can fill up the void left by the parent so pay attention to your child’s needs. Try to spend time with your child as much as possible because time goes by so quickly and you will soon miss the times when your child was a tiny baby.

If you decide you need a nanny to help you joggle your career and your personal life choose a nanny with experience in childcare and plenty of patience. Make sure you pay enough attention to your child as your total absence will leave the child with trauma. A perfect balance is all you need for a healthy and happy lifestyle.