It is said that until the age of six, this is actually a common issue. To be more specific, twenty percent of five-year-olds and ten percent of six-year-olds routinely wet their beds, but it reduces its occurrence as kids grow up. This kind of behavior, experts say, is a symptom of an immature bladder system, but there are some things you can do in order to help your kid.

Disposable padded underwear is deeply recommended for five-year old kids or younger. When you put him to bed, make him wear one of these, they are disposable and you can find them everywhere to buy. This feels almost like a natural step from diapers to normal underwear, so you need to tell your child that, when he’ll be ready for normal underwear, he only needs to let you know.

One of the major causes in bedwetting, especially for children older than five, is PNE (Primary Nocturnal Enuresis). Caused by a hormone deficiency, it causes bedwetting, but don’t worry, it can be solved and treated with a simple prescription of nasal spray. So, if your worries increase, take your child to the doctor for a physical examination.