Find support!

Not only your child needs your support, but you need it to and you have to get it from somewhere. Find families that have to deal with the same problems as yours; they are the ideal people to understand your problems. If you can’t find such families, there are support centers, organizations, conventions, workshops and publications.

You are not alone; your friends are there for you.

Take time for yourself, but find time for your friends as well. Introduce yourself and your child around your neighborhood, you will make some new friends and will not feel so isolated from the community. It’s extremely important for the child to feel integrated in the society, and for you it must be too.

Research and instincts sometimes go together. You, as a mother, certainly have your instincts at high levels. No one knows your child better than you, and you need never to forget it. Sometimes, all you need to do is follow your instinct, though doctors and experts disagree with you.

Research is another thing. Think of it as your own way to help yourself and your kid. Knowledge is power, remember? There are hundreds and hundreds of websites, online communities, information and feedback. The internet is sometimes a great thing.