I really don’t know if age is overrated. Being a young mom can be a problem, being older than 40 and pregnant can also be a problem, being a single mother is another issue.

Maybe we got used to judge much too fast. Around us everything changes, our ideas, our habits, our plans, our body. Any mother asks herself at a certain moment: “what I am doing with this whole parenting thing?” or “am I doing the right things?” For teenage mothers, it’s very likely to have these questions on their mind.

Before the baby, the 20-something girl’s concerns are fashion, going out, boys. Aha, boys. This is how this whole baby thing appeared in the first place.

After getting pregnant, the 20 something now mother-to-be, changes. She changes her high heels to flats, she changes her small Couch purse with a much bigger diaper bag, and the most important, she changes her perspectives of life.

A baby’s growing inside. For most teenage mothers, this whole pregnancy thing came unexpectedly. But those who decide to keep their baby and try a different lifestyle will probably not regret it.

They will be able to be there for their kid step by step, as they grow, not worrying about being confused with their grandmother. Love has no age, and she will be able to love a child just as well as any mother at any age could do it. In fact, studies show that teenage girls who have children actually turn out better than society seems to expect them to.

Having a Baby when Young

The outcome tends to depend on what help – from relatives and social agencies – is available. Studies are cited and the racial aspects and roles of the fathers are analyzed.

The sociologists of the University of Texas at Austin discovered that the best age for motherhood is 34-35 years.  At this point of her life, the woman achieves the perfect balance of her health and well-being but also financial stability.  Maybe this is why younger mothers face the financial problems, because usually, it’s not that simple to combine motherhood with a career. This is why younger women normally experience serious health problems, as well as their children. In the lucky stories, 20-something moms still have a family and their parents to take care of this.

But, as we all know, the problem is larger and more serious that it might seem. It’s a matter we all should think about, from time to time.