Many parents worry about their newborn’s health, especially when their baby’s not young enough to tell where it hurts. So the line between just being a great parent, very careful and protective, and being paranoid, is a very thin. So, when to call the doctor? Here are some symptoms you need to consider and that might help you:


– one of the most common things that worry a whole family; mild fevers are common and usually harmless, but keep an eye on the thermometer. If your baby is younger than age 3 months, contact the doctor for any fever. High fever means 102°F (38.9° C) or higher.

Keep your baby well hydrated and encourage rest.

Changes in appetite

– if your baby eat poorly, or he refuses several feedings, you really need to consult a doctor.

Tender navel or penis

– also a case to call the doctor, if this zone in particular suddenly becomes red or starts to ooze or bleed.


– it might be a problem if your baby’s stools are especially loose or watery.


– vomiting or spitting up occasional is perfectly normal, but if your baby spits up large portions of multiple feedings or vomits forcefully after feedings, you really need to see your pediatrician.


– if the rash is accompanied by a fever, and the rush area is large.

Of course, other things may come up and need medical attention; trouble breathing, head injuries, loosing blood, pain, burns, ear trouble, colds, constipation. Ask your pediatrician as many questions to be sure how to proceed when your baby’s feeling ill.