As summer sets in, mothers are more and more concerned about how to dress their little child in order to prepare for every possibility. In this season weather conditions can change quickly from sunny and hot to rainy and windy. Therefore it is key to learn some basic things about what to pack and how to dress your baby to avoid overdressing and let the baby feel comfortable.

The first and most important thing is to select proper clothes for your babies summer wardrobe. An onesie for example is an extremely practical and basic clothing item, which should not be missing from your baby’s closet. They keep the diaper in place and they don’t crease on the back. These short sleeved bodysuits or playsuits made out of 100% pure cotton will provide simple usage and maximum comfort for your little one, letting the baby’s skin to breath even on the hottest days. Opt for light and nice colors that reflect the sunrays and help to keep the body cool.

The second major thing is to pay attention not to overdress your baby. A newborn generally needs a single layer of clothing in plus as compared to adults. In case your child is already walking, you won’t have to dress your baby in one extra layer. If the weather is hot enough for you to wear short sleeves than it will be a good choice for your baby as well. Just in case the weather turns cooler, it is a good idea to have a cardigan or a light jacket with you. Besides this, make sure you take extra pants and a practical receiving blanket as well, in case you are entering air conditioned places or if you happen to be outdoors with your baby in the evening hours. This ways you can make sure that you have provided your baby with proper protection against catching a cold.

Protect your baby’s scalp from the hot sun and make sure you always cover his or her head with a hat with a brim. This will provide shade for your baby’s face and neck in order to protect him from the strong and harmful rays. This clothing item is absolutely necessary when you are taking a long walk or while traveling.

On the hot summer days bare feet is all right, but always assure your baby is not exposed to direct sunlight. Don’t forget that the babies have a very sensitive skin, therefore pay attention to apply sun cream and cover the newborn with clothes.

One of the most important things is to check the baby’s hands and feet regularly when you are outdoors. Although, you may be hot on a warm summer day, a newborn can easily catch a cold. In order to prevent this thing, make sure you always have an extra pair of socks and mittens with you just in case your baby needs them.

For nighttime, if the weather is around 24-25 degrees Celsius, you can let your baby sleep in pyjamas or a sleep suit without using the sleeping bag. Over 26-27 degrees, sleep suits can also be put aside.

When it comes to dressing the baby, many parents tend commit the mistake of selecting beautiful baby clothes without thinking about their practicality. Don’t let yourself mislead by cute designs and lovely colors because the major priority is your baby’s comfort and well-being. In the summer period as well in every other season, choose clothes that are the right size and are easy to use. Always check the baby’s temperature to prevent your child from catching a cold and make sure he or she feels comfortable even on the hottest summer days.