The nine-month period must have been a difficult, overwhelming and strange time for you. New emotions and thoughts, body changes – there’s a whole range of new things you have experienced. Well, the first days after giving birth can be also overwhelming.

There’s a lot to deal with – your body needs recovery after birthing, your mind is full of anxiety these days, and you have a little person, someone new in your life that depends entirely of you.

So what to do in these first days after coming home from the hospital? First of all, connect with your child. Don’t be afraid to hold him and caress him. He will eat one every two or three hours. He will need six to eight diaper changes a day.

He will sleep approximately 16 hours every day, in between meals. Trust your instincts when spending time with him, and don’t freak out if he cries.

The first Days After Giving Birth

Babies cry just because maybe they need comforting. Remember crying is a sign that he also needs feeding, burping or changing. Make sure you have everything you need close to you, so you won’t leave your baby alone. Maybe you should consider a list of important persons to call, like your doctor, your mother or mother-in-law, friends or neighbors, to call in case of emergency or if you have some questions and needs.

Your attention needs to be divided, so try not to forget about yourself. Remember to take care of your genital tissues, of your c-section (in case you had one), bathing your hemorrhoids, and eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids. Also, you need to limit your housework and ask for your partner’s help.

Everything must be confusing these days, so you’ll probably feel tired. But a miracle just happened in your life, so don’t be afraid to face all the changes.

Build a great relationship with your newborn and everything will find its right place in a few days!