Your baby has finally arrived. Your entire life will change and most likely you’ll change along with it. New rules break the old ones. This means new mistakes for you to make.

Here are some common mistakes many parents make with newborns:

Letting your baby sleep through the night Parents need to wake up their baby to feed every four hours. If not, your baby might become dehydrated. You have to make sure they are getting hydrated and fed. It is essential for you to understand the baby’s biorhythm. If your kid takes a nap during the day, don’t be concerned about street noises or daylight.

Let the baby get used to the normal household and street noises.

Most Common Mistakes with Newborns

And remember! Babies should ONLY sleep on their back and NOT on their side or stomachs. Letting babies sleep on their side or stomach is the number one cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Force feeding your newborn It’s important for your baby to eat, but you can’t expect your baby to eat on a stringent schedule. They know when they’re hungry and when they’re full better than you do. After they eat and cry for food a couple of hours later instead of the normal every few hours as used to, you need to listen and give them what they want.

Proud parents

You’re very proud of your baby, and that’s just great. You should be. This doesn’t mean you should show off your child. Babies are very susceptible to everything and can catch all kind of germs. While going out to crowded places is a bad idea, it’s also a mistake to stay home 24-7 for six weeks with your newborn.

Try to find a balance! Go for a walk around the neighborhood with your baby or even go to the grocery store when it’s less crowded and busy.

Trust your instincts

Pediatricians recommend parents, especially the mother, to trust their instincts. It’s surely not easy when friends or family are saying, ‘You’re overreacting. The baby is fine.’

Trust your instincts. You know when something’s wrong and there’s no reason to take a chance with the life of your child. It’s all about listening and trusting yourself!